Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cuisine Chez Koralia

We only spent one night at Koralia but it was wonderful! The food is all included and whenever you are hungry you just head to the restaurant (open tent area) and the staff make your food fresh for you right there! It was great. Although my spanish was shit the owner/manager of Koralia, Jose, spoke french fluently so he explained to me how all the food at Koralia is local and organic. All their fresh juices are from the area or their own gardens, it made all too much sense. For example the juice is tree apple juice, its a very unique taste, quite bitter actually. Every meal there was fresh fish and/or corn arepas and fresh fruit and juice! This is a coconut ball dessert. All the food there was surprisingly good. Jose obviously has good taste when it comes to food because he gave us the rundown on which restaurants to eat at Tayrona Park and which not to, which was really helpful for us as we prepared to leave the next morning for Tayrona.

We had a great time at the bar at Koralia. We were there midweek at low season so we pretty much had the place to ourselves, except for another couple from Amsterdam. They had wonderful drinks at the bar, made with amazing fresh local juices, of course!

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