Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Late Last Lunch

I love Colombia because every lunch plate includes grilled fish, fried plantains and coconut rice! Oh and of course amazing fresh juice. (this one is passionfruit I believe) So good! This one in particular was amazing. Luckily our Colombian friends knew the park well enough to know which restaurants were the best and this one was at Arrecifes, which is another spot further into the park where you can stay. It's about an hour walk (or horse ride) in from the park entrance, but once your in your in and much closer to all the optimal beaches deeper inside Tayrona. They have lovely larger Habs that sleep up to 8 people maybe, so I would consider this option for a future visit. Since it's about an hour hike back, we had a nice long late lunch (and ate way too much) since it was our last lunch at Tayrona... then we had a leisurely hike back through the humid jungle back to our Ecohabs.

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