Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coco for Koralia!

Now I need to explain what Koralia is. It's an amazing eco hotel about 20 minutes North of Tayrona Park. A friend of a friend turned me onto this secret little haven and it was great! It feels like a hippie retreat and during high season or on weekends it's usually booked for wedding and large events. It's completely integrated with nature. The restaurant is outside and the bathrooms and spa are simply covered huts. It's a very special place.

After a drive down the long country road through livestock and farm towards the beach, we arrived at Koralia. We were greeted by a very tanned bald man with no shirt, who was holding a rather large machete. We didn't understand a word of what he was saying in Spanish and were quickly moved to a waiting room, well an outdoor waiting room, and were given each a huge coconut to drink! It was awesome!

Playa Koralia Eco Hotel
*no address* 20 minutes north of Tayrona Park
Tel: (57) - 310 - 642 2574
Tel: (57) - 317 - 510 2289

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