Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Way Beyond Hotel Food

In Cartagena we stayed at the amazing Sofitel Santa Clara hotel. I would highly recommend it. The pool is probably the best in Cartagena! The staff was so friendly and we felt completely relaxed sipping Coco Loco's at the pool. Our boy, Gus took care of us most days ;) You could order food at the pool or wherever you wanted but we usually went to the small cafe they have in the centre of the hotel, which was actually called El Claustro. They also had a nicer restaurant for dinner near the bar of the hotel, neither of which we actually made it to. The food at El Claustro was great. For breakfast they had a buffet, which we usually did since it included everything from fruit to juice and of course cafe con leche. We also ordered an "arepas con huevos" separately which was good but a bit too fancy looking. (I much preferred the ones on the street ;) That said, all the food there was amazing, their ceviche (pictured here) was really amazing. I had the local fried snapper dish for lunch one day and as you can see it was enormous! It was so amazing, lightly battered and fried with a very salty finish. When you added the lime all over it, it was insane. It was served over fried plantains (love) and of course, coconut rice! They had both very Colombian dishes as well as this tasty steak sandwich, which we tried our last day after 7 days of eating nothing but fish! Hotel Santa Clara is also a great place to get drinks and they have some of the best mojitos and caipirinhas around.

El Claustro
Sofitel Hotel Santa Clara
Calle Del Torno 39-29
Barrio San Diego
Cartagena, Colombia

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