Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Secret Sauce!

Their coconut rice was also excellent and our girl Cata told us the secret why. In Cartagena, cocounut rice is a staple, it accompanies almost every meal, and its colour is dark brown. We always wondered why it was brown, unlike the thai and south east asian versions. They put Coca-cola in it! Coca-Cola, which I just found out recently, is made differently all over the world and in Colombia it is not made with the crap corn syrup that we use here in the US. It is made with real sugar and even better, real black cane sugar. I need to research this further but i'll bet its not far off from "kokutou" in Japan, which is black sugar from Okinawa and its have been known to be believed to be one of the reasons that Okiniwans are the longest living people on earth. Sorry, went off on a tangent. Anyway, very interesting to be to use Coke in everyday cooking. We don't know whether La Vitrola uses regular Coke in their coconut rice or their own version of it, but none the less it tasted amazing.

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