Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time Out for Tayrona

Tayrona Park is massive. It's spread out over miles of jungle and beachfront. We stayed at the Ecohabs which was closest to the park entrance. By close I mean still a 20-30 minutes walk up to check-in. Luckily our driver from Koralia knows the park well so he was able to drive us up to the Habs. Ecohabs are these amazing little huts spread over the hills that over look the ocean. Tayrona Park is straight up jungle, be prepared to walk, hike anywhere and everywhere. It's no place for a girl from New York City... but I'm a Canadian-outdoorsie-girl at heart, so I loved it! The ecohabs are beautiful and it truly is luxury meets nature... but let's just say that nature wins out every time! No matter how beautiful the view or construction of these Habs are, it can't keep the 8 inch millepede out of your room!

The food we experienced at Tayrona was a mix of hotel food at the Habs or on the private beach to local foods which we bought from women and couples on the local beaches.

Our first day at Tayrona was great. As we arrived to check in, we were created with wonderful sweet cold fresh juice... look how happy Shirin is!!! It was so amazing! We came in too late to do a hike so we just sat by this beach close to our Ecohabs.
Many of the beaches are very dangerous to swim so you have to be careful. This private beach was called Piscinetta (mini version of La Piscina, which is the big swimming beach) We ordered ceviche and snacks at the beach, there's a server on call at the beach taking orders and he has ice cold Cerveza's on hand! We spends the rest of the afternoon out there, sunbathing and swimming!

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